Social media surrounds us all the time. Our facebook or instagram may be the first thing we check and the last thing we absorb before bedtime. #whoistrending #whatsin

There’s something special about this exhibition by longfor.sth that I attended in Busan. The space gives the sense of warmth of a family house. The exhibits are just black and white portrait shots. But yet every photo captures the moment, the celebrations, and the friendship. It connects with me on the spot, there and then. These are images that are filled with the spirit of relationships.

That’s the beauty about back and white photos. It focuses on the subject. Directs you to see the subject in a different angle. A black and white portrait image focuses on the emotions. Yet it’s a timeless photo that will never become outdated. Those images really captivate my soul… the joy of new parents with their newborn. A mom and her grown up son… some awkwardness between them but yet full of closeness.


When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls! ― Ted Grant


A portrait photographer friend, Jim Orca has always emphasised to me the importance of having family portraits. I kinda know where he is coming from… But it didn’t really dawn on me till lately. It probably happened when I attended a friend’s dad funeral and realise that time is not always on our side. It’s about embracing the now, embracing the moments with people that matter to us.

So it’s time to start taking good portraits that we can pass down to the next generation. Sharing stories that you can share with your children’s children… Not just sharing it to win over more followers or likes but more to create a legacy of family stories as part of future inheritance.

Thanks longfor.sth for sharing your exhibition in Busan. Those pictures aren’t just black and white photos.

It has set me thinking deeper about my moments with family and friends, and how they share the up and downs in my life. They have always been the ones supporting and encouraging me.

THANK YOU for that!



You can follow their instagram at : @ Longfor.sth

Or visit them at : 2F, 609 Gukjemarket, 28 Junggu-ro, Jung-Gu, Busan, Korea.